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Teresa Puga

Life Facilitator

With a strong profile, lives the commercial area since it is known. She has worked with luxury segment for many years. Team manager, she has trained mostly in client services.

Likes to work with those who always do with passion. Very expressive, lives intensely with respect to everything.

She´s an ace in research. Likes to be tested because she is sure of her dedication and that is the best she can give to her clients. Pragmatic is with a smile and with the truth that solves the problems.

Filipa Palminha

Life Facilitator

An innate networker is assumed to be a problem solver. In life, there are no problems, there are challenges! Empathic, gives all her energy into the projects she leads.
In the processes of managing life, private or business, she only knows challenges and always takes the same commitment: create the best solution in less time and lower cost. The solution always comes from the analysis of each project: empathy, effectiveness and efficiency are the key to success. This is Life. This is what makes it easy.

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